After Picture_Hemingway’s Hideaway

June 26, 2012 Posted by admin

Ta Da! Fun room – I found the hanging beads in Eureka Springs at Romancing to Stone. Hemingway’s Hideaway now shares space with the Hippie Room…

Before Piectures_Hemingway’s HIdeaway Room

June 26, 2012 Posted by admin

Ten White Street has two bedrooms upstairs. The one featured today is the room we call “Hemingway’s HIdeaway”–however, it is still in need of the perfect writing desk. This is the only room we did not tear down the wallpaper. It was remodeled in the 70s after a fire in the attic and we’re thinking the bed frame held a water bed. The after picture is on the way…

After Picture_Bathroom on main level

April 16, 2012 Posted by admin

First, we removed the avocado green cabinet and sink. Then, the carpet came out and Mike tiled the floor…with floor heaters. Nice! The bathtub shall never be removed – it is a 6 foot cast iron, claw foot tub that is VERY old. We had to prop it up on roller boards and move it from side to side during the tile process. We also added more black tile to go along the wall where the cabinet was attached. Oh, and we removed the wallpaper and painted the walls. Finding a D-Ring for a 6 foot tub required a trip to Dallas. We love how it turned out…

After Picture_Master Bedroom

March 22, 2012 Posted by admin

Ta Da! Of course the sleigh bed takes up a lot of room, but it’s worth it! And, the king mattress is to die for! I love the blue in this room. Oh, and all the artwork on the walls at #10 are prints from local artists, and the picture you see in this picture is “Colvin’s Barn” by Carol Dickie. I have the original in my own home because I love it that much!!!

Before Picture_Master Bedroom

March 22, 2012 Posted by admin

The master bedroom is unique for an old Victorian–it has a walk-in closet! All we did to this room was remove the pink and white striped wallpaper and get rid of the black painted woodwork.

After Picture_Kitchen

March 3, 2012 Posted by admin

This photo is taken from the opposite side of the room. The tall cabinets in the right hand corner are original cabinets – glass and all. Oh, and check out how nice the wood floor cleaned up. We did very little to them…cleaned them up and applied a light coat of oil to restore the wood.

After Picture__Kitchen

March 3, 2012 Posted by admin

Several things happened to get the new look. Of course, the wallpaper removal was our first job. Then, we painted–a couple times–because I didn’t like my first choice of color. Then, I found paint that matched the red tin ceiling and we painted accents. Mike took on all the cabinets and replaced the wood panels with glass. My granite selection is a “wow” – love it! Then, we measured carefully, trying to find modern appliances to fit into antique spaces. Here’s a picture from one angle…

Kitchen Before Picture

March 3, 2012 Posted by admin

The kitchen was the most time consuming effort of the entire renovation–again, just ask Mike who did most the work! I did help tear down the wallpaper and it did NOT want to come down. Anyway, here’s the before picture…

Ten White Street Living Room_After Picture

February 20, 2012 Posted by admin

I decided to use all bold colors for the walls at #10. I researched colors that tended to prevail in the late 1800s… after the craze for wallpaper stared to wane. Then, I went to my local hardware store, Acords, and they helped me by sharing an historic palette. I chose a warm green for the living room, which is a great contrast to the gold in the parlor.

Living room_Before picture

February 20, 2012 Posted by admin

Here is the before picture of the living room! Now, this wallpaper made me dizzy! Wow! I decided both the wallpaper and woodwork needed to be updated.